Schumer to Dems: Press McConnell on impeachment but don’t forget ‘legislative graveyard’

A second Democrat briefed on the call said some in the party are anxious for more strategic guidance from party leaders.

McConnell said this week he’d have no choice but to take up an impeachment conviction trial in the Senate if Pelosi impeaches the president, but the scope and length of the trial are up for debate.

Schumer also told his troops to press McConnell on taking up election security bills and House-passed legislation like universal background checks for firearm sales, an effort to demonstrate to voters that Democrats still want to work on legislation despite the impeachment inquiry, the Democratic aide said. That largely tracks with Pelosi’s strategy; she opened her Wednesday news conference talking about prescription drugs and a new North American trade deal.

McConnell and other Republicans have hit Pelosi for not taking up the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement, though Pelosi said on Wednesday she’s on a “path to yes” in her push for stronger labor and environmental standards.