Rick Scott says the Bill of Rights trumps all

His comments citing the First Amendment came on the first Sunday after Trump labeled the country’s places of worship “essential” and demanded that they be allowed to reopen nationwide despite still-rising coronavirus cases and several reports of the illness spreading among congregants.

Asked whether he would feel comfortable attending church on Sunday, the former Florida governor responded: “It doesn’t matter what a governor says or president or local leaders. We have the Bill of Rights. We have a right to worship. We have a right to get together, and respect — and we need to respect people’s religions.”

Scott repeatedly invoked the Bill of Rights on Sunday, including when he discussed Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidance that Americans should wear a mask in public.

Wearing a mask is “a choice you get to make,” Scott said.

“Do I believe people ought to wear masks? Yep, I do believe people ought to wear masks. Do I believe people ought to social distance? Yes, I believe people ought to social distance. Do we need the president, the governors and all the local officials to tell us how to lead our lives every day? No. We’ll figure this out.”