Rep. Raul Grijalva tests positive for Covid-19

The Arizona Democrat announced he would enter quarantine earlier this week, shortly after Gohmert (R-Texas) revealed his positive test on Wednesday.

Both men sat close together during a Tuesday hearing on the aggressive clearing of Black Lives Matter protestors from Lafayette Park on June 1. Gohmert had two rounds of questions at the session, notably asking whether a major in the D.C. National Guard who testified that he witnessed “deeply disturbing” events only appeared for political reasons.

Gohmert wore a mask during that hearing except while questioning the witnesses, as mandated by committee rules, despite frequently refusing to do so while on Capitol Hill.

Separately on Saturday, Rep. Jody Hice (R-Ga.), who served as the top Republican at the hearing, said he had been cleared to leave quarantine. He said he had three “brief interactions” with Gohmert but “the Attending Physician believes those encounters did not meet the standard of risk to merit a quarantine.”