Pelosi on new aid package: ‘We’re close’

Pelosi said businesses will have their relief in a “timely fashion,” but also noted, “We know that we have an opportunity and an urgency to do something for our hospitals, our teachers, and firefighters, and the rest right now. And then we are preparing for our next bill.”

Congress has faced pressure to pass PPP funding unanimously, as soon as possible. That pressure has mounted with reports that more than 22 million Americans have lost their jobs over four weeks. But Democrats want some of the money to be set aside for communities with few banking institutions. And they’ve pushed for more money for state governments, local governments and hospitals.

After a partisan standoff, multiple sources in both parties said Saturday that notable progress had been made on brokering a tentative deal. The terms center on $250 billion or more for the Paycheck Protection Program, as well as roughly $75 billion for hospitals.

Over the last 48 hours, President Donald Trump drove home an attack in a series of tweets and retweets: Pelosi and “Do Nothing Democrats” have cost Americans jobs by blocking new PPP funds.

On Sunday, Pelosi brushed his comments aside: “I don’t pay that much attention to the president’s tweets against me. As I’ve said, he’s a poor leader. He’s always trying to avoid responsibility and assign blame.”