Dems seek DHS docs on protester detentions

The letter noted reports of DHS officers seizing protesters off the streets in Portland without explanation. The city has had five weeks of protests, its mayor told NPR on July 19. The protests included a “small handful of people who were engaged in criminal activity,” he said, but appeared to be subsiding until federal officers intervened. The mayor, Ted Wheeler, said their presence made the situation worse.

The letter asks DHS for a host of new documents, including all DHS personnel communications about the deployment of officers to Portland. They also asked for documents on training DHS personnel received and on detentions. The committee’s deadline for DHS is July 27.

But officials likely aren’t holding their breaths; the letter also noted that the department ignored a previous missive about DHS’ response to nationwide protests that broke out after a white police officer in Minneapolis killed a Black man, George Floyd, by putting his knee on his neck for almost nine minutes.