Democrats say McConnell’s latest coronavirus offer is ‘wrong’

“There’s going to be massive layoffs at the state and local level unless we get some money to them quickly,” Schumer said. “And when McConnell says we’ve got to do A, B, C, D, which is irrelevant to getting the people the money they need, that’s wrong.”

Drew Hammill, a spokesman for Pelosi, said that “the House has no interest in diminishing protections for employees and customers.”

Some Republicans from coronavirus-wracked states like Louisiana and New York want to provide more money to their states, while others oppose even the general idea of sending more states money. After repeatedly panning bailing out local governments and also suggesting they might go bankrupt, McConnell on Monday said he could support adding more state and local money “provided we have the right kind of non-financial relief.”

“We probably will do another bill. What I’m saying is it won’t just be about money. It will be about other things that we think are important in the aftermath of this pandemic. And at the top of my list is liability protections for the brave people who have been manning the front lines during this and the brave people who will be opening their businesses fearful that they will be sued,” McConnell said on Monday.

Quint Forgey contributed to this report.